Industrial City

The Industrial City, another key component of New Carthage City, is stretched over an area of 12 square kilometers and it will be hosting mostly light industries, aggregate industries and environment-friendly industries. It will also have its own labor housing and residential districts.

image-Light and aggregate industries within the Industrial City
Light and aggregate industries within the Industrial City

The Industrial City is connected to the Sea Port via the Logistic City through state of the art railways and roads to facilitate the import of raw material, export and storage of products. Main suppliers of raw material for the industries within the Industrial City will come from all over Tunisia as a main source and from abroad for imported materials.

New Carthage Industrial City will be one of the main factors in creating jobs for the people of Tunisia, the region and beyond and will form a main source of GDP once the first phase is completed.

image-labor housing and residential districs
Labor housing and residential districts within New Carthage City

International corporations have showed interest to start manufacturing plants within the city due to the facilities and features it offers,