About New Carthage City

New Carthage City project is located on the east coast of Tunisia on the banks of The Mediterranean Sea near Enfidha Hammamat International Airport.

The economic crises and political developments the world has witnessed in recent years, especially after the Arab revolts of 2011 and the radical changes that recently took place, had led to the restructuring of the global map of economic policy. Tunisia’s geographic location and its influential historic role in world events articulated what it can offer to its neighbors, regionally and globally, in the present and in the future. The idea of this project came about to create this geo-strategic balance.

image-New Carthage City Aerial
New Carthage City Aerial View

Project Concept

The Concept of this project is to build, in phases, a global and integrated modern city in Enfeidha district in Tunisia with strong base in Culture, Tourism, Education and Commerce, to be the international Centre and hub connecting East and West, North and South for Trade, cultural and educational exchange.

This project will contribute in the formulation of the overall economic and future development map of Tunisian Republic, and the wider region, with a new vision evolving from the region of new nations and the world affected by them.

New ideas and concepts for investments opportunities need to be well developed, modern, sophisticated, comprehensive and at a large global scale in order to be able to cover all sectors.

In accordance with experiences of the Gulf countries as well as international successful ventures in building new and sophisticated international cities, we have started discussions with our partners to attract world renowned names and brands in the fields of hospitality, entertainment, medical care, media and any other field that could add value to “New Carthage City” to make it a unique world class monument.

Objectives of the project

The project aims to contribute to the development of the economic matrix of the Republic of Tunisia, giving it the depth and of its geo-economics radiance as a gateway of the Mediterranean and international and civilization point of contact to create a free zone for trade exchange and communication with the world economically.

  • Linking between Africa and the world economically, scientifically and culturally to facilitate Commercial trade.
  • Providing an infrastructure and a new climate to activate treaties and agreements to enable regional and international trade and global cooperation.
  • Contribute to the development of the tourism sector and add new quality exhibitions to attract tourism and businesses.
  • Attract banks to make this location to be their Headquarters to serve the North Africa and the African continent, and to attract Financial Institutions, financial brokerage firms, and international insurance companies by establishing a corporate Tax free zone.
  • Attract Arab and International investments and multinational companies.
  • Promote and attract regional and international tourism, with global quality.
  • Attracting students from Arab and African countries by building a university town with affiliations with the elite universities of the world to serve Tunisia, North Africa, the Arab countries and Africa in general.
  • Attract patients from Arab and African countries by building a medical city with hospitals affiliations with the elite of the hospitals in the developed world.
  • Attract international and regional sport teams to hold their training camps in the Sports City.
  • Provide an integrated platform and the climate for the international media within the media city.
  • Diversification of income sources and the preservation of economic balance to strengthen the GDP.
  • Create and provide immediate jobs in the construction of the city and jobs in the future in the operation of all the businesses in the project.